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  金百利娱乐城-4、抵押车更便宜在二手车市场中 (abbreviated to YZZX) was founded by Yangzi Petro-chemical Company of Sinopec Corp. in 1984. It is located in the north of the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, with a teaching and administrative staff of about 180, among whom 35% are special-class teachers and senior-level teachers, which is a highly motivated, innovative and professional team. 1500 students are studying in 34 classes from Senior Grade I to Senior III in a beautiful garden-like campus covering an area of 154,000 square meters. The School is now under the co-leadership of the Nanjing Education Bureau and Nanjing Normal University. Grounded in its development philosophy of concentrating on scientific research to establish a harmonious school, its educational philosophy of developing the students' all-round qualities and its management philosophy of being people-oriented to refine the school work, YZZX lays stress on the internal management and optimize the allocation of resources.

  Since its establishment, YZZX has made tremendous achievements in various fields of secondary education. It has been conferred as Key High School ( four-star ) of Jiangsu Province, National Model High School, the Teaching and Scientific Research Base of Nanjing, the Experimental Base of Psychological Teaching. Led by a teaching and research team consisting of more than 30 backbone teachers, the high-level faculties of the School take on more than 11 research programs of the nation and the province. Many students of the school won the first and second prizes in the contests of the nation and the province.

  Studiousness and Diligent Practice are regarded as the School Motto. The objective of YZZX in students training is to lay a solid foundation on basic knowledge for its students, and to give scope to the students' initiative and creativeness. Drawing strength from the traditional teaching methods, the school is recently trying every effort to carry out the new research work, which sheds luminous lights on the inner value of basic knowledge. During the student-centered course, the students are required to cultivate themselves consciously the ability to analyze and solve concrete problems, and to think things out for themselves. The school aims to foster the talents who combine ability with character.

  To achieve this goal, YZZX sets up a three-dimensional course system made up by obligatory course, optional course, research course and so on. In the meanwhile, the School gives energetic support to the students' clubs and organizations, and hold various kinds of cultural activities like Science and Art Festivals, Sports Festivals and so on. The students are provided with a comfortable environment for coordinated and balanced program of development.

  Currently, YZZX is working hard in the hope of spurring discipline-construction and education reform, and improve education quality and efficiency, and elevating YZZX's academic influence and visibility.

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